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I aim to empower my clients to connect with their healthier, more compassionate selves.

To feel more present and connected in their relationship with themselves, the people in their lives and the world around them.

My Services

Psychological Therapy for Common Mental Health Difficulties

I can support you or your loved one with comprehensive psychological therapy for common mental health disorders and difficulties. 

Therapy for Eating, Weight and Body Image Concerns

It’s tough to exist in our world today and not feel shame and disgust about one aspect of our body or our body as a whole. 

Psychological Therapy in the Perinatal Period

Perinatal psychology is a speciality within clinical psychology that provides therapy for anyone on their path to and through parenthood from the time of desiring pregnancy to the second year of the baby’s life. 

Schema Therapy

Schema Therapy is a deeply compassionate and insightful approach to psychological healing and personal growth. 

Let's embark on a journey together to understand your current situation, gain insight into the events that have shaped who you are, and work towards finding peace and acceptance of yourself whilst fostering an emotionally enriched life.

Dana Ben-Israel

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