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What is Schema Therapy?

Schema Therapy is a deeply compassionate and insightful approach to psychological healing and personal growth. 

It blends elements from cognitive, behavioural, and psychodynamic therapies, embracing attachment and gestalt models. 

This therapy addresses long-standing thinking, feeling, and behaviour patterns known as schemas and schema modes. 

Recognising that unmet emotional needs from childhood contribute to the development and expression of these, Schema Therapy encourages individuals to explore, understand, and find healthier ways to meet their emotional needs. 

The ultimate goal is to support people on their journey towards emotional well-being and fulfilment in themselves and their relationships.


Schema Therapy Approach

In Schema Therapy, the first step is an assessment phase where I will strive to gain insight into how you view yourself, the world and the people around you and your emotional experience of these, known as schemas.

I’m also interested in understanding what happens when your schema modes are activated, as these can influence how you react and interpret situations. 


We will work together to identify and challenge these schemas and modes and rewrite the scripts of how you see yourself, your relationships and the world around you. 


Our therapy will involve experiential techniques like imagery or chair work to engage you emotionally in healing. 

Ultimately, Schema Therapy aims not only to understand these patterns but also to bring about emotional change, encourage personal growth, and foster healthier ways of thinking, feeling, and behaving.


As well as being a trained cognitive behaviour therapist (CBT), my work is informed by Schema Therapy, a variant of CBT. 

​I am currently working towards being accredited as a schema therapist. 


Do you have any questions regarding Schema Therapy?

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