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Information for Referrers

Having worked in the public mental health system and a Medical Centre with GPs, I value collaborative care. Please feel free to contact me to discuss a patient together.

I am committed to evidence-based practice, and I am guided by the Australian Psychological Society Code of Ethics (APS, 2007).


Treatment progress, recommendations and outcomes.

Upon completion of the initial course of treatment (usually after the first six sessions), I will provide written information regarding any assessments completed, the modality of treatment, your patients' progress and future recommendations.  I welcome consultations and requests for further information. 


Who can you refer to me?

I accept referrals for low-risk clients, 18 years and over, presenting with:

  • Anxiety or depression.

  • Low mood or distress in the perinatal period including Postnatal and Antenatal Depression and Anxiety.

  • Adjustment issues relating to work and relationships.

  • Eating, weight and body image concerns, including eating disorders.


Do I need a referral, or is the Mental Health Care Plan sufficient?

According to The General Practice Mental Health Standards Collaboration (GPMHSC), a GP Mental Health Care Plan (MHCP) alone is not considered a referral and, therefore, insufficient for the psychologist to provide a service. This means I need a referral letter as well as the MHCP.


How do you send the referral to me?

You can fax the referral to me at (02) 8007 0536.  

Please ask your patient to contact me at 04984546040 or (02) 6626 6993 to arrange
an appointment.


Do you have any questions regarding mental health counselor?

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